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The 4 Best Gifts Given in Anime

Presents represent our feelings of love and adoration to the people we give them to, and there’s no time like the Christmas season to reminisce about our favorite gifts that we’ve given or received. A handmade scarf, tickets to see your favorite band, a ring... whatever it is, your favorite gift occupies a special place in your heart and makes you think of the friend or family member who gave it to you.

Top 10 Anime Heroes With No Powers/Abilities

Many of our favorite anime characters, especially in shounen and superhero shows, earned their lofty reputation by being masters of magic or supernatural martial arts. Goku is a great character on his own, but he wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without his signature Kamehameha or Super Saiyan transformation. That’s what he’s known for and it’s how he defeats any enemy who stands in his way.

Top 5 Anime by Mary Lee Sauder

I’ve always been fascinated by how anime can tell such complex stories with the most fascinating characters and settings imaginable. There’s no doubt in my mind that anime is a big reason why I love writing so much. Digging deeper into these worlds to figure out how they work and what they can teach the audience is super fun to me, almost as much as creating new worlds from my own mind! So today, let’s take a look at my top 5 favorite anime of all time – which shows have shaped me, made me laugh, sparked new ideas, and still have a special place in my heart.