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Top 10 Shocking Anime of 2018

Most anime choose to take the safe and simple route to success. They choose characters, storylines, and art styles that don’t rock the boat, but have stood the test of time and won’t scare any potential audience members away. But sometimes, an anime takes the more difficult path and goes out of its way to bamboozle its viewers with something they’ve never seen before.

Today, we’re going to explore ten shows from the past year that shocked the anime community in one way or another. Whether the stunts worked in their favor or they ended up crashing and burning into a pile of terrible MAL ratings, these shows certainly made an impression on us. Let’s check out the Top 10 Shocking Anime of 2018!

Top 10 Supporting Characters in Anime of 2018

They may not have as much screentime or recognition as the main heroes, but the best supporting characters in an anime can leave just as big of an impact. Fan-favorite side villains, friends who have their own interesting character arcs, and background characters who rise to prominence in a later season are all worthy of our praise, and they’re who we’re going to be looking at today. Let’s give our full attention to the top 10 supporting characters in anime of 2018!

The Funniest Moments in 2018 Anime

Even though we mostly watch anime in Japanese, the emotional core of the show can break through the linguistic and cultural barriers to hit us right in our heart. And comedy is extra difficult to translate, but if the original work has some savvy writing behind its jokes, we’ll still be clutching at our sides regardless of the language.

Today, we’re taking a look at the five funniest moments in 2018 anime—those scenes that still pop up in our brain many months later and make us giggle in public. Let’s reflect on them and laugh all over again!

Top 10 Best Anime Endings of 2018

When we follow an anime all the way through to the end, we want the last few episodes to have an impact. Rather than just petering out or leaving important details for a sequel that may never come, the best shows leave viewers with a resolution that satisfies them on a deep, emotional level.

Today, we’re taking a look at ten anime from the past year that really pulled out all of the stops for their endings. These finales were so impactful that they stayed on our minds long after their runtime was over. Let’s check out the Top 10 Best Anime Endings of 2018!

Most Shocking Anime Moments of 2018

Anime is full of twists and turns, always surprising us with a new revelation or character reveal. And since 2018 was such a fantastic year for anime, it’s no surprise that it had more than its fair share of scenes that shook us to our very core.

Today, we’re going to look back on the top 5 most shocking moments from 2018 anime. These are incidents that we never expected to happen, and some of them changed everything we thought we knew about the entire show. Let’s examine these insane moments together!

Top 10 2018 Anime You May Have Missed!

There was so much amazing anime in 2018 that no one can blame you for not being able to make time for every show worth watching. That said, we’re going to pile more onto your plan to watch list by exploring ten anime that you may have missed from the past year.

Some of these anime are hidden gems of character development and storytelling, while others are just entertaining popcorn shows that appeal to the lowest parts of your brain. But they all deserve their time in the spotlight, so let’s give them a look!