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Top 10 Anime Characters Who Deserve Coal for Christmas [Updated]

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, we can all agree that it’s a time for family, thankfulness, and togetherness. Many anime characters hold these values near and dear to their hearts, but there exists a small minority who seem to make it their mission in life to manipulate people and tear relationships apart.

Today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Anime Characters Who Deserve Coal for Christmas. Although, deep down, something tells us that most of these guys would take the coal as a badge of honor for so effectively getting under their opponents’ skin.

What is Sakuga? [Definition, Meaning]

We all know it when we see it - that moment in an anime when the animation suddenly transforms from its normal, plain self into a fluid, amazingly beautiful spectacle that takes our breath away. It might be a pivotal battle, a long-awaited love confession, or (fittingly enough) a magical girl transformation. And then, when it’s finally over, we pick our jaws up from the floor and marvel at what we witnessed. What just happened? and, why can’t anime be like that all the time?