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Fantasy & Supernatural Anime - Spring 2019

Our first impression of Spring 2019 was that it would have a solid lineup for fans of fantasy and supernatural shows, particularly those who know and love retro anime. We got fresh material from visionary directors, updated remakes of beloved classics, and the latest seasons of our favorite long-running series. We also saw a few sprightly newcomers with enough intrigue to capture our attention. So now that we’re shifting into summer, let’s take a look back to see how these anime held up based on our expectations of them from the beginning of the season! Which shows have cemented themselves as instant classics, and which are soon to be forgotten?

Bishounen & Fujoshi-Friendly Anime - Spring 2019 (Expectation Vs. Reality: How Bishounen & Fujoshi-Friendly Anime in Spring 2019 Fared!)

Sexy anime boys! Isn’t that what everyone wants in their entertainment? Well, at least for the fujoshis and bishounen fans, the amount of quality sexy anime boys is directly proportional to our enjoyment of any given season. So, did Spring 2019 live up to everyone’s expectations and bestow upon us new hunks to love and write hundreds of doujins about? Let’s see!

Anime Rewind: Fruits Basket - What You Need to Know Before You Watch the Remake

Fruits Basket is one of the most influential shoujo manga out there, especially to Westerners. The tankobans released by Tokyopop served as the introduction for many of us to Japanese romance stories, and the 2001 anime was massively popular both here and all over the world.

And since remaking classic properties into new anime is all the rage right now, it seems to make perfect sense that Natsuki Takaya’s magnum opus would be next in line. If you’re new to the series or just want a refresher on this hallmark of romance manga, read on to find out what you need to know about Fruits Basket before you watch the remake!