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Top 10 Most Brain Melting Poputepipikku (Pop Team Epic) Moments

To say that Pop Team Epic is weird is a massive understatement. This winter 2018 anime, based on the four panel manga of the same name, is so strange that it feels like your brain is melting as you watch it. It stars two foulmouthed chibi schoolgirls named Popuko and Pipimi, who get up to all kinds of bizarre shenanigans in the short skits (rendered in many different styles, like retro video game graphics or intentionally terrible animation) that make up each episode.

Waiting For Madoka: Absurdism in Madoka Magica

Even though precisely nobody asked for this article, I just couldn’t get the topic out of my head. I may be the only person in the world who enjoys the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the Samuel Beckett play Waiting For Godot equally, but hopefully I might be able to persuade some of you to join me soon.