Top 10 Female Leads in Super Power Anime

It’s tough to find female protagonists in superpower anime, particularly within the testosterone-fueled shounen genre. But these wonderful women do exist, and we’re here today to talk about ten of our very favorites. They’re confident, capable, and can kick your ass into next week with their supernatural powers. Let’s check them out!

5 Fruits Basket Manga Moments We Can't Wait to See Animated!

It’s finally here—the full-length Fruits Basket adaptation we’ve all dreamed about for 20 years! The 2001 anime is a nostalgic classic in its own right, but only gets as far as the 6th volume out of 23 before ending a bit anticlimactically. No storylines get resolved and some characters like Zodiac members Rin and Kureno as well as fan-favorite psychopath Ren don’t even get the chance to show up. But most importantly, the first anime doesn’t reach the point where Fruits Basket shifts from a high school comedy with a few sad backstories into the complex family drama that manga fans love so much.

Top 10 Supporting Characters in Anime [Updated]

The main heroes and villains of an anime always get the most attention, but spare a thought for the fantastic supporting characters who back them up. Even though they don’t have as much screentime or character development as the leads, supporting characters can make a huge impact on the story with just a few actions.

Today, we’re counting down the Top 10 Supporting Characters in Anime. Their roles may be small, but they’re far from forgettable. Let’s get started!

Richard Epcar - The Voice of Ansem, Joseph Joestar, and 600 Other Iconic Characters! (Anime Boston 2019)

This past weekend at Anime Boston 2019, we had the opportunity to speak with Richard Epcar, veteran voice actor of over 600 characters from anime and video games. Some of his best-known roles include Batou from Ghost in the Shell, Jigen from Lupin the Third, Ansem and Terra-Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts, the Joker from several Batman games, and old Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He has also served as a director and writer on many anime projects with his wife, fellow voice actor Ellyn Stern.

Richard Epcar shared his thoughts on connecting with his characters, his dream roles, and much more. He also offered exclusive insider info on the voice acting business. Let’s get started!