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5 Moments from Dororo That Make It Better Than the Manga

Osamu Tezuka is one of the most influential mangaka in the history of the medium, penning juggernaut hits like Mighty Atom (Astro Boy) and essentially launching manga and anime into the mainstream. But his 1967 historical manga Dororo never caught much traction until 2019, when Tezuka Productions and MAPPA adapted it into the serious drama anime that we’ve grown to love over these past two seasons.

[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tahomaru Highlights from Dororo

In war-torn feudal Japan, Lord Daigo makes a deal with demons to bless his land with prosperity in exchange for the body parts of his firstborn son. The abandoned baby grows up to be Hyakkimaru, a blind and deaf wanderer with prosthetic limbs who hunts down demons in order to reclaim what was taken from him. Lord Daigo’s pampered second son, Tahomaru, eventually finds out about his long-lost brother when the land starts to lose its blessing and must decide whether or not he’s willing to sacrifice Hyakkimaru’s happiness for the sake of his people.

Anime vs. Manga: Dororo

One of the hottest trends in anime these days is to take a classic story from decades ago and reinterpret it for a modern audience. Shows like Parasyte: The Maxim, Banana Fish, and Devilman Crybaby take the themes of their source material and recontextualize them for the present day, sometimes even managing to surpass the original creation.

Well, if you’re looking for the most dramatic example of updating an old property for a new audience, Winter 2019’s Dororo is the place to stop. Based on a 1967 comic by Osamu Tezuka–widely known as “the father of manga”–this brand new reinterpretation has some big geta sandals to fill. So how does it compare to its 50+-year-old source material? Read on to find out!